Time Attendance with infoBoard
Personnel time recording

1) Personnel time recording

Know immediately who is present in production

Time recording at the entrance - different techniques
Immediate display of presence on the planning board
Immediate start of the working time recording possible on the work cycle
Working time account for the employees
infoBoard MES Order Management
Order management

2) Production orders from your ERP to the infoBoard planning board

infoBoard converter and infoBoard SyncTool Server synchronize orders, appointments and status

Order management: infoBoard converter
Synchronization: infoBoard SyncTool Server
Automatic time stamp: infoBoard Application Server
Material management

3) Material requirements for production

Warehouse management interface

Direct registration of requirements with production date
Direct reservation and status report to infoBoard
Storage interface possible
Staff deployment planning

4) Integrated workforce and shift planning

Machines and personnel at a glance!

Overview of availability of staff
Schedule the shift on time and depending on the order
See who is present today and at the moment
Interesting capacitive order planning
Vacation management

5) Integrated vacation management

Simply apply for vacations online. Automatic email notifications about applications, approvals or rejections.
There are no separate Excel lists for vacations.

Vacation visible on the planning board
Submit vacation requests decentrally
Approve vacation requests centrally .., autom. Emails
Vacation possible by day or by hour
Detailed vacation overview for the manager
Production planning

6) Detailed planning and control

All orders are visualized with their work processes. The capacity and schedule planning is created automatically

Easy to understand and use graphical interface
Powerful planning tool 7,000 functions in 13 languages
Automatic adaptation of the remaining work steps through production data acquisition (see below)
Production data acquisition

7) Easy working time recording

So your employees know what's next

Start the task via the play button on the tablet
Completion notification by touch, immediately visible on the planning board
Report faults directly to the planning board
Timeouts immediately visible (red flashing)
Automatic update of the times visible on the planning board
Value creation visible on the shop floor dashboard
Shopfloor Dashboard

8) Value Creation or MUDA

The shop floor dashboard shows the current machine status automatically and clearly.
The productivity display is an additional motivator!

Machine status directly visible
Productivity currently calculated
Waste becomes visible and can lead to new decisions
Optimal value creation

9) Automatic planning optimization

The sequence is updated through updates and can be kept optimal through automated planning optimization.

The time stamps alone control the automatic planning adjustment
If desired, the planning optimization can run automatically
This is the order in which we optimize: delivery reliability, short lead times and capacity utilization

10) Charts, heat maps, analyzes

The three key figures of good production planning: adherence to deadlines, short lead times, high capacity utilization are shown transparently

The infoBoard figure punctuality shows at a glance when the jobs were completed on time reported
The infoBoard index of the target / actual comparison shows the length of the planned working time.
infoBoard key figure lead times. All orders with their operations are shown in a bar without reference to the resources
The infoBoard utilization heatmap shows which machines are used to what extent and when.
The profit heat map shows high gross profit in dark green, little profit in light green, red for loss
infoBoard KI Datenbrille

11) Profitable business processes

Get to know your company from new perspectives!
Order- and resource-related evaluations in the knowledgebase show waste in your own company.
Business processes can now be optimized.
Also used to prepare for the AI in infoBoard.

Allows the definition of "good" and "bad"
Indicates loss-making jobs
Better control of sales towards lucrative orders
Leads to faster evaluation of new inquiries
Power for the entrepreneur

12) The entrepreneur app

The entrepreneur app informs the management about current conditions in production.

All production key figures on the mobile device
Simple presentation of sales and costs of production
Capacity and utilization charts
Delivery date - overview
Downtime: machine employees